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Restored Castle for Sale in Todi's country , Umbria , for about 1000 sqm,  build  the 1300 year  , sourrounded by 80000 sqm of land,  old property of  Todiís ancient noble family  : Tolomei and Orsini ,  restored under check of the Ministery of Fine  arts ( Ministero dei beni culturali ) ,  located on the heart of Umbria region , near SanTerenziano town .   

The restoration works to reconstitute the external walls, the foundations, the roof and floor , Particularly to be restored the wooden works , as beam of first and second order ;  the malte beetwin  the stone walls have been object of particular study, in order to restore the coloration original.  The nobiliare coat of arms of the noble Tolomei family to be placed on  the town-walls.  

Inside the castle , have a little church with some interesting frescos  of  XVI century  , as : the  Madonna che protegge il Bambino dal demonio con un bastone and the  Santa Maria della Concezione.

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Distances : Todi 18 km , Perugia Airport 42 km, Rome Airport  150 km

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