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If your dream is to find a house for sale in Todi's country, or an apartment in one of the historic castles that surround the city , or one to restore according to your needs, where you can spend happy moments in the company of your dear ones, immersed in the quiet of the country or in the urban life , This  is the website for you.

Here , you can find the full range of real estate listing in Todi's country ; you'll discover charming apartments in the historic castles that surround the city , beautifully renovated old villas or lovely recently build houses . Or ,  if you wish to design your own house , you'll find houses that can be restored by you , or plots of land where you can build a house to your specification.

You will also find information on how to buy a property in Italy and which procedures to follow ; you can download the national building regulations , those of the region Umbria  and of the communities that are in Todi's country .

You'll find historical notes on Todi and the castles that surround the city , a list of interesting local events , the historic rural festivals, and useful telephone numbers . 

There is also a map of the area , suggestions on how to get to Todi, on where to sleep and where to eat in Todi's country : this website is the starting point for your new experience of life .

To know more about Todi's country , please click on the ancient map 

Please click on the Casale Name in blue , to open his page and see photos and description.  



Country Casale Name House Land Condition Price in euro
Todi La Sorgente 1500 sqm  5.000 sqm to restore 400.000-d
Montemolino Casale San Lorenzo 200 sqm  18.000 sqm ready 438.000
S.Terenziano Casale Palombara 200 sqm 15.000 sqm ready 145.000 
Torri Rocchette Castle 800 sqm 80000 sqm ready for sale 1.700.000
Torri Torri House 120 sqm --- to restore 35.000
Torri The Old Mill 250 sqm --- to restore 40.000
Torri Casale Regnicolo 300 sqm 4000 sqm to restore 130.000
Collesecco Madonna del Ponte 220 sqm 3000 sqm ready 375.000 
Montecchio Casale Tamagnino 400 sqm 4000 sqm restored 520.000
Monticello The Apartment 3  70 sqm  --- ready 85.000
Morre San Adrea Plot  Till  1850 sqm  6000 sqm plot 150.000-d 
Morre Morruzze Plot   600 sqm  3000 sqm plot 90.000-d 


Your house is your larger body.,
It grows in the sun and sleeps in the stillness of the night; and it is not dreamless.
Does not your house dream? And dreaming, leave the city for grove or hilltop?

(Gibran Kahalil Gibran)



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